Teeth Bonding Bethesda, MD

At Bethesda Family Smiles, we are committed to bringing affordable, conservative, and minimally invasive dental services to our Bethesda, MD community. We pride ourselves on patient-focused care and exceptional service in all aspects of our dentistry.

Teeth bonding is one of the most conservative approaches to cosmetic dentistry that we offer. With teeth bonding, Dr. Khanna can effectively and efficiently address minor cosmetic concerns that may be having major impacts on your self-consciousness or the uniformity of your smile. Learn more about teeth bonding below.

Teeth Bonding in Bethesda, Maryland

Teeth Bonding in Bethesda, MD

Dr. Khanna provides teeth bonding services to patients who want to address minor blemishes on their teeth. If you are interested in learning what teeth bonding can do for you and your smile, we recommend scheduling a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Khanna.

The Teeth Bonding Process

Dental bonding is similar to porcelain veneers in that it’s suitable to take care of the same conditions. However, bonding is a temporary solution while veneers are considered a permanent restoration. You’ll first have a consultation to determine if bonding is the best choice for your needs. Dr. Khanna will talk to you about your budget, your dental problems and goals, and perform a thorough oral exam.

If dental bonding is the best choice for you, it can usually be done in one appointment at our office. If you have multiple teeth that need to be bonded, we may have to schedule multiple visits. It usually takes around 30-60 minutes to bond one tooth. Tooth bonding uses a malleable cosmetic resin that’s color-matched to the shade you desire.

The resin is then molded to the shape of the tooth. It can cover the entire thing if you want to take care of a discolored or misshapen tooth. If a piece of your tooth is missing, it can be molded to replace that missing tooth. Once the dentist is done molding the resin, you check to see if you’re satisfied with the results. Any adjustments will be made to your liking.

When the resin meets your expectations, it’ll be cured with a special light. The light hardens the resin so that it’s a stable surface that you can use as your natural tooth. When it’s properly cured, Dr. Khanna will polish it so that it matches the sheen of the rest of your natural teeth.

Teeth Bonding FAQs

What can teeth bonding help with?

Teeth bonding can help patients conceal bleach-resistant stains, chips, minor cracks, and gaps. This procedure is meant only to address minor cosmetic concerns. Major chips or cracks that may impact your smile’s functionality should be addressed with one of our restorative dentistry solutions instead.

Can children benefit from teeth bonding?

Yes, teeth bonding is suitable for children. This procedure is minimally invasive and will allow us to address minor concerns about your child’s baby teeth as we wait for them to eventually fall out and be replaced by their permanent teeth.

How long will teeth bonding last?

Teeth bonding will last several years and can be easily reapplied to your dental structures if needed. For a more permanent and comprehensive solution, you may want to consider porcelain veneers as a longer-lasting alternative. Porcelain veneers are thin shells designed to replace the entire front-facing portion of your affected tooth, rather than spot-treating it with bonding.

How do I remove stains from bonding material?

Bonding material doesn’t really respond to traditional whitening techniques. Professional whitening can remove some surface stains, but it can’t take care of deeper staining. The only way to fully correct stained bonding material is to get the material removed and replaced. We’ll color match the new material to the shade of white that matches the rest of your smile.

Does dental bonding look natural?

Yes. The bonding material is designed to be biocompatible. It’s also matched to blend in with the color of the rest of your teeth. After the bonding material has hardened on your tooth, it’s polished to match the shine of natural teeth.

Am I a good candidate for dental bonding?

One of the best things about dental bonding is that almost every patient is eligible for this treatment. Since it’s a temporary solution, it’s suitable for children and others that aren’t sure about a permanent solution. It’s also more affordable than many other dental restorations. It takes care of a wide variety of issues as well, making it something that most people can benefit from.

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