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Bethesda Family Smiles is here to help you restore your confidence with your smile if you have crooked, misaligned teeth. We offer cosmetic dentistry solutions that allow patients to conceal their crooked teeth while maintaining their dental structures’ functionality. Crooked teeth cause not only cosmetic concerns but also functionality concerns within your smile.

When your teeth are not properly aligned, this can make daily tasks like chewing or speaking more difficult. By straightening the alignment of your bite pattern, you will achieve a more uniform and symmetrical smile that functions in all the ways you need it to. Learn more about the solutions we offer for this dental concern below:

Smile Makeovers in Bethesda, MD

Treating Crooked Teeth in Bethesda, MD

Dr. Khanna is here to help you achieve your dream smile. Rest assured that we will take your cosmetic concerns seriously and devise a plan to help you feel more confident with your smile aesthetics. Our  Bethesda, MD dentist office offers a range of cosmetic dentistry solutions to help patients looking to alter the appearance of their smiles.

Invisalign is a modern way for patients to address their orthodontic concerns. This discreet and removable treatment allows patients to realign crooked teeth comfortably. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, patients can brush and floss their teeth and keep their aligners fresh. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign does not come with dietary restrictions. Patients also do not need to visit our office as often for adjustments, which are required to tighten the metal brackets in traditional braces.

Porcelain veneers are an excellent option for patients who want to conceal their crooked teeth. Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made shells that can be attached to your natural teeth. This means that you will get improved aesthetics from the veneers while maintaining the functionality of your natural smile beneath the veneers. Patients love porcelain veneers because they allow them to take control of what they would like their smiles to look like and get the final results they want.

Teeth bonding may also help patients with crooked teeth conceal minor gaps within their smile. Combining multiple cosmetic dentistry solutions like veneers and bonding can help patients with crooked teeth address their cosmetic concerns with their smile. Dr. Khanna provides cosmetic consultations to interested patients; however, feel free to mention your interest in our cosmetic services at your next routine preventative care appointment. We look forward to working with you to create a smile you can feel confident about showing off daily.

Crooked Teeth: The Causes

Many different things can cause crooked teeth. Many of these happen when we’re children and our permanent teeth are developing. Genetics plays a big part. If your parents have crooked teeth, you’re more likely to develop them too. Genetics also determine the size of your teeth and jaws and how they develop. You may inherit a naturally small jaw, so teeth become crowded and jumbled.

Oral habits as your mouth develops can change your jaw’s formation. Thumb sucking, using a pacifier, and bottle feeding for too long puts pressure on your teeth, causing them to shift and move.

It isn’t just children that can have crooked teeth. If you aren’t properly caring for oral health, that can impact your tooth alignment. When plaque and tartar build up, it weakens your teeth and causes them to shift out of their proper alignment. Missing, extra, and impacted teeth are all possibilities, too. These abnormalities change how the teeth are aligned in your mouth, often leading to crooked and jumbled teeth.

Why Straighten Crooked Teeth?

When patients want to straighten crooked teeth, it’s usually because they aren’t happy with their smile’s appearance. However, crooked teeth can lead to many oral health problems.

When you have crooked teeth, they’re often crowded, and the teeth meet at odd angles instead of a uniform line. They’re much harder to clean than straight teeth. In some cases, you can’t get dental floss between certain teeth. Even our specialized dental tools can’t reach certain areas. Even if you do everything properly to care for your teeth, you’re still at a higher risk for tooth decay and gum disease because you can’t clean bacteria and plaque from those areas.

Crooked teeth lead to an uneven bite. When your upper and lower jaws come together, the pressure of your bite evenly distributes throughout all of your teeth. When your bite is uneven, some teeth experience more pressure than others. These teeth wear down faster and are more susceptible to damage and decay, often requiring restorative dental solutions to restore full function and health.

An uneven bite is one of the leading causes of TMJ disorders. Your jaw joint doesn’t track properly and breaks down. The muscles that move tense and strain. This condition worsens the longer you let it go untreated. The jaw starts popping and clicking, you have pain and tension throughout your head and face, and trouble moving your jaw in certain positions.

Crooked Teeth FAQs

Crooked teeth can cause many cosmetic and oral health concerns in your mouth. Learn more by reading the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Do I have to straighten my teeth?

There is nothing wrong with having crooked teeth. However, it does have the possibility to create oral health problems. Crooked teeth are more difficult to care for. This can lead to dental problems such as decay and gum disease. Additionally, straight teeth can improve the appearance of your smile.

How can I fix my crooked teeth without braces?

Thanks to advances in dental technology, your dentist can now straighten your teeth without the use of braces. Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that uses discreet clear aligners. They are swapped out every few weeks to gradually move the teeth into alignment. We also offer porcelain veneers, thin shells bonded to the teeth’ surface to hide the imperfections.

How much does it cost to fix my crooked teeth?

The total cost of treating your crooked teeth will depend on your chosen treatment. Tooth bonding is the most affordable method; however, it is not permanent and must be redone after about ten years. We also offer clear aligners and porcelain veneers. Both treatments will cost more than bonding, but the results will last much longer.

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