Teeth Whitening Bethesda, MD

At Bethesda Family Smiles, we love seeing our patients leave our office with beautiful and healthy smiles. To help you brighten and whiten your smile, our office is happy to provide teeth whitening services. Teeth whitening lifts any stains or discoloration left behind from common foods and beverages. After just one teeth whitening treatment, your smile will look more youthful. Learn more about our teeth whitening services below.

Teeth Whitening in Bethesda, Maryland

Teeth Whitening in Bethesda, MD

Dr. Khanna leads an experienced cosmetic dentistry in Bethesda, MD. She enjoys helping patients feel more confident about showing off their smiles. Our office is happy to provide professional teeth whitening services to patients interested in removing years of stains and discoloration from their dental structures. Below we have answered some frequently asked questions regarding professional teeth whitening:

Why are my teeth yellow? 

Dental discoloration is a very common dental concern. As we age, our teeth pick up staining agents from frequent foods and beverages that we consume. Beverages like soda, tea, and coffee are notorious for leaving behind a film-like residue over your teeth, which may cause them to appear yellow. Additionally, if you smoke, you are more likely to experience dental discoloration.

Should I use over-the-counter whitening products?

Over-the-counter whitening products take a one-size-fits-all approach to teeth whitening. While this may work for some people, most find these products do not evenly distribute the bleaching products over all of their dental structures. This can lead to inconsistent, blotchy results.

Does teeth whitening hurt? 

Patients who struggle with teeth sensitivity may experience some discomfort from over-the-counter whitening products. However, with professional teeth whitening, we can tailor the intensity of the bleaching solution to ensure that you do not experience discomfort while undergoing treatment.

What can I do to maintain a whiter smile? 

Avoid eating or drinking foods that are notorious for staining your smile. Additionally, make sure that you are brushing and flossing at least twice a day. You may also rinse your mouth out with water throughout the day or chew on sugar-free gum to keep food residues from remaining on your dental structures when brushing and flossing are not an option.