Restorative Dentistry Bethesda, MD

When something goes wrong with your smile, you need to know who to call. At our Bethesda, MD dentist office, we offer modern dentistry solutions to restore your smile following dental damages. The important thing to know about dental concerns is that they will often only get worse the longer they are left untreated. Even missing teeth can begin to affect the pressure points applied to your remaining teeth, leading to unwanted tension and potential damages. We can help you restore your smile with our restorative dentistry services. Learn more below.

Restorative Dentistry Services in Bethesda, Maryland

Restorative Dentistry in Bethesda, MD

Dr. Khanna is an experienced restorative dentist in Bethesda, MD. She has helped many patients restore their smiles after experiencing complex dental concerns. Whether you have one or more missing teeth, a TMJ disorder, or periodontal disease, our restorative dentistry services were designed to help you get back on track toward your dream smile.

Our restorative dentistry solutions include: 

Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are external hardware that utilizes your surrounding teeth to hold a prosthetic tooth in place of a missing tooth. Perfect for patients missing several consecutive teeth, dental bridges do not require a surgical procedure as dental implants do.

Dental Crown

Dental crowns are placed over severely fractured teeth in an effort to restore the functionality of the tooth without requiring tooth extraction. With crowns, Dr. Khanna will shape your affected tooth down to its foundational core and apply a prosthetic dental crown over the core to cosmetically and functionally restore your natural tooth.

Dental Implant

Our office is happy to restore dental implants after they are surgically placed. Dental implants are considered the premier option for patients looking to replace a missing tooth. They restore the look, feel, and function of your natural tooth without requiring any external hardware.

Dentures & Partials

Our office is happy to help patients who are missing a full arch of teeth. We provide dentures and partials, removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and help restore your smile.

TMJ Treatment

Patients often visit our office experiencing frequent jaw pain or tension headaches. This is usually the result of a TMJ disorder, which is the inflammation of your jaw joints. To help patients with TMJ disorders, we offer TMJ treatment plans including oral appliance therapy. Dr. Khanna will work with you on an individual basis to determine the source of your pain and treat it effectively.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

When gum disease progresses past gingivitis, this requires deep cleaning periodontal disease treatment. With periodontal disease treatment, the goal is to remove any bacteria or buildup causing gum inflammation. By deep cleaning your gum line, we can stop gum disease in its tracks and restore your oral health.

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Looking for treatment options to address complex dental concerns? Bethesda Family Smiles would be happy to welcome you to our dentist’s office. We provide patients of all ages with treatment options to restore their smiles following dental damages. Please schedule an appointment with our office online. We look forward to seeing you soon.