Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Bethesda, Maryland Dentist OfficeAt Bethesda Family Smiles, we help many patients address complex dental concerns such as missing teeth. It’s important to replace missing teeth sooner rather than later to avoid further damages or discomfort. If you are considering pursuing your tooth replacement options, here are three major concerns that missing teeth bring to your smile:

Cosmetic Concerns

Missing teeth significantly throw off the uniformity of your smile. This is especially true if you are missing one of your front teeth that is visible when you smile. Cosmetic concerns should be taken just as seriously as all other concerns. When you do not feel confident with showing off your smile, you are less likely to pursue your personal and professional goals. Patients with cosmetic concerns about their smiles are more likely to avoid public speaking, meeting new people, and even laughing with their friends. We do not want to see our patients hiding their smiles due to cosmetic concerns caused by missing teeth. This is why we offer comprehensive restorative solutions to effectively and efficiently replace your missing teeth.

Hygiene Concerns

Missing teeth create unique, hard-to-reach spaces within your smile that easily trap and conceal food residues. This can make it more difficult to effectively brush and floss your teeth. If you are missing one or more teeth, you are more likely to experience other dental concerns like dental decay and gum disease progression. Even patients with the most thorough of oral hygiene routines struggle to adapt to caring for their smiles following tooth loss. It’s important to note that hygiene concerns can have long-term effects on your oral health and wellness. It’s important to replace missing teeth promptly to prevent unwanted buildup from occurring.

Functionality Concerns

Missing teeth affect the functionality of your smile. Because your dental structures were designed to work together, it’s important to replace a missing tooth sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you may notice an increased difficulty in performing daily tasks like chewing or speaking. Patients may also experience jaw pain or tension headaches due to the added strain their misaligned bite pattern causes on their dental structures. Your teeth are very important to your daily life, and we would love to help you restore your smile following tooth loss so that you can get back to enjoying life with a full set of teeth. If you are looking to replace one or more teeth in Bethesda, MD, please schedule an appointment with Bethesda Family Smiles today. We look forward to helping you restore your smile.