Are Dental Crowns Worth It?

Dental crowns are tooth-colored caps that fully cover single teeth. Crowns are customized to look and feel like a natural tooth and are meant to cover and protect teeth. We offer dental crown treatment in Bethesda, MD, to help patients with tooth damage or restoration like dental implants. Crowns have many uses in dentistry and can help patients receive more stable, comfortable bites and smiles.

Dental Crown in Bethesda, Maryland

What Can Dental Crowns Do?

Dental crowns can help patients who receive missing tooth restorations and require treatment for multiple dental problems. Crowns can:

  • Cover Large Dental Fillings: Sometimes, dental fillings are too large to protect a tooth from regular biting forces. Sometimes, we may recommend a dental crown to cover a filling to balance the bite.
  • Protect Broken Teeth: Porcelain veneers and dental bonding treatments are sometimes insufficient to address significant breaks or fractures in the tooth enamel. Dental crowns cover and protect broken teeth to prevent further dental injuries or wear to natural teeth.
  • Cover Dental Implants: A single dental implant consists of a titanium post, abutment, and dental crown. Dental crowns act as a false tooth. Crowns support an implant once it fuses with the underlying jaw bone. Because crowns use tooth-colored materials and match the natural contour of teeth, they ensure that single replacement teeth blend in with the smile.
  • Secure Dental Bridges: Traditional dental bridges require support from teeth adjacent to a tooth gap. Bridges restore consecutive missing teeth. Capping natural teeth adjacent to a tooth gap ensures that traditional dental bridges stay in place.

If you have missing teeth, damaged teeth, or large dental fillings, chances are we will recommend dental crowns to protect and enhance your smile. We will thoroughly examine your smile to determine if dental crowns will work for you.

Multiple factors go into dental crown treatment. First, we must ensure that patients have good oral health but require care for missing teeth or tooth damage. Then, our team will often recommend treatment for dental infections before crown treatment to ensure that the crowns stay stable.

Benefits of Dental Crown Treatment in Bethesda, MD

Dental crowns provide many advantages to patients. Tooth crowns:

  • Look and feel natural
  • Support a balanced bite
  • Provide simple treatment
  • Last for many years

We customize dental crowns to ensure that they match other natural teeth. Each dental crown matches the shape and shade of a natural tooth. Dental crowns ensure that teeth are protected yet look aesthetically pleasing.

If you want dental crown treatment, please call Bethesda Family Smiles at 301.500.2205. Also, request a dental appointment with Dr. Srotalina Khanna online. Do you have any questions about dental crowns or your candidacy for treatment? Contact our office, and we will be happy to assist you.