What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are high-quality dental restorations that can restore single missing teeth or full arches of missing teeth. Implants are made of small cylindrical titanium posts placed in the jaw bone. They restore dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures. Dental implants and restorative dental treatment in our Bethesda, MD, dental office can benefit our patients who want to renew the form and function of their smiles.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

The Advantages of Dental Implants in Bethesda, MD

Implants offer many benefits for patients with missing teeth or patients who wear removable restorations. Dental implants can improve:

Smile Aesthetics

One of the most popular advantages of dental restorations is that they improve the smile’s look. Implant-supported restorations can close gaps left by missing teeth, creating a fuller, more natural-looking smile. After patients receive implant-secured crowns, bridges, or dentures, they no longer need to cover their smiles. Implant-secured restorations use high-quality materials like porcelain that reflect light like natural teeth and blend in with any remaining teeth in the smile.

Bite Function

Missing teeth can create gaps in the smile and an uneven bite. An uneven bite makes it difficult to eat certain foods, especially hard or crunchy food. Uneven bites can also place pressure on different parts of the smile than others, which can lead to TMJ problems. Dental implants improve the bite because they support the jaw bone tissue and gum tissue like natural tooth roots. Patients who receive implant-supported restorations

Jaw Support

When you lose a permanent tooth, you can lose healthy jaw bone. If you are missing teeth and no longer have your tooth roots, you can experience bone resorption. Your body resorbs bone tissue, which can affect the appearance of the jaw. Many patients with missing teeth eventually experience facial sagging because they lose bone support. Dental implants restore support to the bone tissue and create more structure in the jaw. Restoring the tooth roots with implant posts can improve the appearance of the jaw and lower face.

Restoration Longevity

Crowns, bridges, and dentures supported by dental implants offer more longevity than removable options. Because dental implants support false teeth at the root, they offer more support to the surrounding teeth and gum tissue, as well as the jaw bone. Once dental implants fuse with the jaw bone, they should stay in the mouth for many years. If patients do not experience implant failure, the dental implants themselves will be permanent. Continuing a good oral hygiene routine and visiting the dentist regularly will ensure that the implants and restorations last.

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